Cardiff Parking Case Study

Cardiff Parking Service is a very popular vendor of parking services in the South Wales region. It encompases street parking, airport parking and one multi-storey service in the city centre.

Staff at the company had asked for an efficient way to deal with ticketing, security and money as the current procedures in place were beginning to show signs of age in the face of becoming a 21st century parking company.

Up until 2014, customers had to pay in cash and often had to display a permit in their vehicle to stay. Whilst this does work and created a pretty cost effective solution to the problem, it does mean handling cash frequently and a constant paper trail to keep track of customer bookings.

In the back office, Cardiff Parking Ltd employed an in house system to deal with bookings. This worked okay; however, it didn’t feature the ability to add electronic booking or payment. The system was also 20 years old and showing its age.

The Solution

The solution meant fixing three key issues:

1. Communication with all car park so that a truly electronic and “joined up” system of parking could be implemented. This was provided by our partners CableTel and BT Fibre.
2. A new booking system which allowed for electronic payments including Apple Pay and Paypal.
3. A new ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition) system to maintain stock control at all times. This would also prove a huge security benefit too.

We opted for a system based on Oracle and developers created an in house system that could be maintained in a browser window. This helped the individual offices by not enforcing the use of new equipment, keeping costs down.


Over the past 12 month that the new system has been in place:

1. Payments are up 17%, aided by increased accuracy and reduced wasted in the financial system.
2. Far greater security and stock control.
2. Reduced theft from all car parks of 5%


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